>> Mazal Tov to all of our children celebrating their Bar/Bat Mitzvah!!

>> Mazal Tov to Natalie Zuckerman from Australia on her Bat Mitzvah. Please click here to donate to Neve Michael in her honor

>>  Come and volunteer at Neve Michael. Please contact Hava hava@nevemichael.com 


We encourage you to visit us at Rootfunding and to launch new funding campaigns in honor of birthdays, anniversaries, engagements and in memory of loved ones.

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Programs & Projects
Neve Michael Children’s Village is the only multidisciplinary children’s home in Israel. Besides providing refuge and a loving home for over 300 children and youth at risk.

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An important letter
from Jack Stromfeld, 
President Emeritus of Neve Michael Children's Village, USA
Please click here to read the letter.

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Emergency Crisis Center
Teenage Girls’ Crisis Center
Family Units
Elementary School
Therapy Enrichment Center
Day Care
Therapy Counseling Unit
Music Therapy
There is nothing new about music therapy; this is as old as David playing his harp to soothe the troubled King Saul. It is widely recognized that music has a healing effect on the soul.
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Sibling Therapy Treatment
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We would like to thank Keren Hayesod for their continuous support of Neve Michael.


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