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Therapy and Tutorial Enrichment Program

When children are raised in dysfunctional homes and do not attend school on a regular basis and experience physical/emotional/sexual trauma-they do not have the capabilities to bridge the educational and emotional gaps in their lives without professional intervention
Therapy and Tutorial Enrichment Program
The Need
When children are raised in dysfunctional homes and do not attend school on a regular basis and experience physical/emotional/sexual trauma-they do not have the capabilities to bridge the educational and emotional gaps in their lives without professional intervention.
The Therapy and Tutorial Enrichment Program is the most essential program at Neve Michael where the actual financial cost is not covered by the government. Neve Michael receives $20 a month per child for therapy and $15 per child per month for tutorial assistance.

The Process
From the minute a child crosses our threshold, the professional staff at Neve Michael ( social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, counselors etc) are on call. Initially there is an internal psychological evaluation to determine what type of treatment would be best for the child, his/her cognitive and academic level to determine learning capabilities and needs.
In whatever framework the child is placed ( crisis center or in a family unit ) there is an ongoing internal evaluation of the professional staff. Each child has a file and there is a psycho-social evaluation at the end of each year that is forwarded to Family Services in Social Welfare Departments. This report includes personal details of the child, status of parents, reason child was sent to Neve Michael, List of problems, treatment intervention, behavior description, functioning within Neve Michael, social encounters, contact with adults, relationships with other children, academic achievements, relationship with therapists and counselors, etc.
Since every child we have is referred by the Ministry of Welfare, we are under the close supervision of the Ministry of Welfare and the Ministry of Education ( for our Elementary School) who send their supervisors . We are in weekly contact with the welfare supervisors and the education inspector is in touch with Aviva, the principal of our Elementary School ( who is also on the local Board of Education) which is on the premises of Neve Michael.

Project Description
At Neve Michael, there is an ongoing effort to mend the shattered childhoods of boys and girls who come from backgrounds rife with family dysfunction, drug and alcohol addiction, violence and other horrifying circumstances .
The professional therapeutic individual treatment program meets the needs of each child and enhances their development and well being. Every child at Neve Michael receives at least one of the following therapeutic treatments: psychological, occupational therapy, art therapy, music therapy , pet therapy and judo therapy.
The social workers and therapists meet with the children in the afternoon hours, except for the children and girls in the Crisis Centers who receive some treatment in the morning hours.
Tutorial Enrichment
The maltreatment at the hands of their biological families has engendered huge academic gaps and low self-esteem in our children at risk.
On the elementary school level, 160 children receive weekly tutorial enrichment lessons on Mondays, Wednesdays and ,Thursdays. 50% couldn’t read and write (when they first arrived) and the remaining 50% suffer from learning disabilities associated with a poor attention span and the inability to concentrate.
On the high school and junior high school levels, 80 children require assistance in preparing for tests and matriculation exams and in understanding the study material on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.
There are groups only for 11th-12th grade students are doing their matriculation exams ( 2-3 in a group). The rest of the children have individual and group lessons in math, English, reading/writing and general subjects.
Since English is an international language and used in every field of life, we established The English Learning Center that provides individual and group lessons to strengthen the children’s English capabilities, especially when many children do not even speak or write Hebrew properly.
We also have a group of 17 children who learn in special education schools or in small classes in the regular schools. They receive help in learning strategies, that includes learning with the elements of the Kinesiology method and the Nili Raviv method. We have an Elementary school on the premises where most of the elementary school aged children attend. Some 15 children are bused to an outside school “Noam” which is on a higher academic level. We also have some children who go to special education facilities outside of our campus. All of our high school students go to educational facilities in the region.
The Therapy and Tutorial Enrichment Program enables children to receive professional therapeutic treatment which aids in the emotional healing of children at risk. The staff evaluates the progress of each child to see which treatment is the most effective. The results of the tutorial enrichment is reported by the tutors and teachers of the children. Children came better prepared to class and in many cases, there was an increase of 20% in the child’s grade. The additional assistance with their homework and general reinforcement increased not only their academic results, but also increased their active participation in class. Most of the children actually looked forward to attending school.
Personal Stories
A.H. now 8 years old, was brought to our Home after he had been repeatedly raped by his own brother since he was four. For months, this traumatized child refused to talk to anyone or make any kind of human contact. His world was closed and shrouded in darkness. In the course of pet therapy, he has become attached to a small rabbit. This contact has put a smile on his face, and instilled us with the hope that he will make further progress.
B.L. 6, is an Ethiopian girl who suffered an unspeakable horror when her father killed her mother. She arrived at our Home in a state of fear and confusion, and with a strong suspicion of all adults. Her participation the Therapy Enrichment Program has helped her overcome her trauma and slowly begun to restore a semblance of normalcy to her childhood.
L.K. 10, is a lovely boy, who suffered steady physical abuse from his mentally deranged mother. The traumas he withstood at a tender age afflicted him with a state of withdrawal that lasted for many months following his arrival at our Home. He did not attend school and couldn’t even write his name. Through a warm relationship with his therapist and tutor in the Therapy and Tutorial Enrichment Program, this innocent victim of violence in the home has demonstrated a renewed interest in life and has finally learned how to write his name.

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