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The doors to our Emergency Crisis Center opened in August 2000 with the assistance of the JDC and private donors. Over 300 boys and girls have been treated. Over 600 lives have been saved. They are the fortunate ones.

Yes, such atrocities happen here in Israel. Some children arrive with cigarette burns on their tender, young skin. Others have endured horrible experiences. For example one little boy, saw his drug addicted father kill his mother during a "high". Children from all over the country who need to be removed immediately from their home and surroundings are referred to us through the Welfare Department and arrive at our Emergency Crisis Center, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Despite major government budget cuts, our devoted staff works continuously to treat our children. We are in constant need of professional therapy and diagnostic testing for them.

It is our objective to help our children break the vicious cycle of distress. Each child responds differently to the various treatments available. Therefore, we try to find the best way to reach into the souls of our children. Our crisis center operates 24-7 to handle any emergency situation in which a child must be removed from its biological family at a moment’s notice.

Our children all come with “psychological ghosts” from their past. Some remember many frightening nights when they lay awake wondering if their father would forcefully join them in bed, or if their parents were too overdosed to notice that they were sick with fever. They arrive with various stress disorders--be it general anxiety, nightmares, misbehaving, depression, sleeplessness, bedwetting, physical complaints, and so on.

Our children are referred through the Welfare Department. The population coming from the poverty stricken classes, low social-economic level and most families are a few generations that are supported by the Welfare Department. Most parents were raised in Homes and the majority do not work or function in society.

Most children, who arrive at our Emergency Crisis Center, cannot return home. They are constantly here, through holidays and summer vacation. We have certainly made an immense difference in the lives of our children. We cannot change the hurtful past for our children. But, together, we can promise to give them a better future.


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